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If you’ve already purchased the ServiceNow service management platform, congratulations: you’ve made an excellent choice. ServiceNow is an excellent platform that includes powerful workflow, intuitive applications and enterprise level scalability needed to meet the needs of today’s business environment.


Now, how do you ensure that you get the maximum value out of your ServiceNow investment?


How Good Is Your Actual Data?


A pivotal value of ServiceNow’s system (or any vendor’s system) is the underlying CMDB that companies rely on as “a single source of truth.” Any CMDB or CMS is only as good as the data that comprises it. But with the rapidly increasing volume, speed and complexity of data and data sources, most IT departments will tell you that they have little confidence that the data in their systems is either complete or accurate.  


These customers have reason to be concerned. Our studies show that, at any one time, over 40% of an enterprise’s IT data is inaccurate, missing or incomplete. And Forbes estimates that “85% of companies fail at creating a CMDB due to bad or missing data.” Bad data can lead to:


  • Long Incident Restoration Times
  • Numerous change collisions
  • High number of outages
  • Missed SLA’s
  • Cost overruns for assets


Blazent’s IT Data Intelligence  


At Blazent we are proud to be a partner of ServiceNow and we share their ‘Everything as a service’ perspective. Over the years we have partnered with ServiceNow and our joint customers to develop solutions and deliver functionality that accelerates service management initiatives. These customers include some of the largest and most mature customers in the ServiceNow customer base.


Leveraging our 13 years of experience in data quality and master data management, we recently released our new Blazent Data Intelligence Platform. This powerful platform leverages a Big Data Engine that utilizes the latest technologies in the industry to intake and process big data, as well as a unique 5-step data evolution process that delivers the most accurate and complete data intelligence possible.

Achieving true data quality and data intelligence requires purpose-built solutions to the CMDB and process-based applications. To that end we have developed some of the most advanced integrations of any ServiceNow partner as the complexities, architectural needs and nuances needed to deliver high quality data are part of our DNA.


Our innovative purpose built solutions include Data Quality Management for ServiceNow which audits and validates the CMDB for accuracy, and then automatically identifies and resolves issues like data conflicts, missing values and missing relationships. The latest release of our solution also includes support for software as a configuration item which is the most complex and valuable configuration item in the environment. As with all Blazent solutions best practice analytics are included, providing insights that go beyond the scope of the capabilities of a service management platform.


Our other solution for ServiceNow customers is Service Asset and Configuration Management for ServiceNow. This solution allows you to stop the process gaps that can occur between asset management and configuration management efforts that can lead to increased effort and cost to implement and administer the cmdb and asset management application. Utilizing this solution allows you to establish complete intelligence on CI and asset status value alignment as well as eliminate the creation of duplicate CIs or assets.


The best part of our solution is that we can help customers whether they are about a implement a cmdb for the first time, already have a cmdb in place, but suffer from poor data quality or are about to migrate to ServiceNow from another vendor. This is due to the expertise and technology of Blazent as we not only understand service management, but also are a leader in IT Data Intelligence.


Customer Success


Customers who have implemented our solutions for ServiceNow have achieved significant business results, which include:


  • Confidence in their CMDB due data quality improvements
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Effective change planning due to understanding of relationships
  • Addressing and passing of internal and external audits
  • Reduction in costs of assets


Learn more by reading the case study from Lennox International, a ServiceNow customer who used Blazent to overcome IT data silos and achieve data accuracy in their CMDB for shorter incident resolution cycles, greater security and a more agile company.


With the Blazent solution in place you can be 100% confident that your ServiceNow platform is populated with data that has been validated, enabling you to make actionable decisions for your service management and other business goals.