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In my latest blog I discussed what an interesting—and challenging—time this is for IT professionals. In many enterprises the value and visibility of IT has risen to the CEO and board of directors level. And yet many of their IT recommendations and decisions are based on limited, if not faulty, data. As Dickens would say (shortening for Twitter):  ‘best of times, worst of times.’


Announcing the new Blazent Platform


That’s why we’re so excited about the announcement of our new Data Intelligence Platform. Over two years in development, and leveraging our 13 years of data expertise, the Platform gives IT professionals—for the first time—a comprehensive, accurate and actionable view of their entire IT environment. Powered by a true Big Data Engine and utilizing our patented Data Evolution Process, our Platform will change the way you view, manage and use your IT data.


The Data Evolution Process


At Blazent, we work from what we call our “Formula for IT Data Intelligence”. It consists of four steps:

  • Identify, access and organize
  • Process and purify
  • Analysis and insight
  • Predict, prescribe and optimize


The announcement of our new platform completes the third step in this process. We’re now focused on building forward-looking prescriptive and predictive analytics based on machine learning which will help guide IT teams to optimize the impact of IT on their business.


We’ll keep you updated as we move towards completing our Formula. In the meantime, my thanks to all the Blazent employees who have worked so hard to bring us so far.