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Earlier this month Blazent conducted a survey of IT professions at ServiceNow’s annual user conference (Knowledge16) in Las Vegas. We wanted to compare this targeted sample with recent surveys we sponsored with leading analysts into the use of Advanced Analytics in Data Quality Management (DQM).


Below are top three findings from our survey contrasted with what the analysts found:


1 – When asked “Which of the following IT analytic technologies do you have in place?”, we found that complex spreadsheets remain the standard analytic tool of choice for nearly half (48%) of IT organizations. Of the advanced analytics tools, the 451 Research study showed 22% of organizations already using machine learning for predictive analytics. Blazent’s survey at Knowledge16 underscored this finding, showing an even greater adoption level of these at 30%

2 –  We asked “What grade would you give your organization for its data quality to drive business decisions?” We learned that only 6% would give an A grade to their organization’s data quality for driving business decisions. However more than 50% gave their organization a C grade or lower. The 451 survey found a great interest in these techniques, but low expectations about their organizations ability to capitalize on the potential value that advanced analytics could deliver.

3 – When asked “How involved does the C-suite get with IT to discuss/plan the DQM strategy?” More than 61% said their top execs recognized the importance of their DQM Strategy, with more than a quarter of C-suite engaged in regular conversations with IT to drive strategy. The 451 Research findings also showed that top management and executives are likely to be held accountable for the implications associated with data quality (poor or otherwise) – even though IT has the responsibility.


On June 7th 2016 at 10 AM PDT/1PM EDT, Carl Lehmann, Research Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Integration & Business Process Management at 451 Research will be presenting the findings of their study.


You can register here for the webinar titled” The current perception, reality and the future of Data Quality Management (DQM) “, where you will find out more about these issues in detail, along with other key findings that will help you drive improved data quality across your enterprise.