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The Evolution of Data Management – A Modern View

June 25, 2018
In past few years, businesses have recognized the growing importance of data to create value. This paper describes the sequence of activities involved in the transformation from operational observations into downstream value for the business and its stakeholders.

During the past few years, businesses have recognized the ever-growing importance of data to create value and competitive advantage. To address this, the focus of IT has shifted from automation of business processes to automation of data.

The increased focus on data management comes at a time when businesses across all industries are facing intense competition, more complex regulatory and compliance requirement, seemingly endless security threats and much more technology-savvy customers.

Modern Data Management is no longer just the task of collecting data, classifying it and storing it in a data warehouse. Modern data management converts observations about how and where a business operates into value for that business and its stakeholders (with a strong focus on data consumption). This paper discusses data management in terms of a value chain that describes the sequence of activities involved in this transformation.

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