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Drive Improved Customer Interaction with Harvested Social Media Insights

June 25, 2018
Companies across industries are aggressively adopting social-listening tools to capture and analyze customer data. This white paper discusses limitations of social listening, how it’s being used today, and how to make insights accessible and easy to use for decision making.

As a key enabler of modern customer interaction, companies across industries and geographies have been aggressively adopting social-listening tools to capture and analyze customer data. Although almost all companies are using some form of social-listening tools today, few companies have been able to successfully assemble the holistic customer picture and understand it in such a way as to realize the full value of their investments. The challenges they face are centered on gathering data and effectively transforming it into understandable insights for business users, while identifying actionable insights.

This white paper discusses customer interactions including the following areas:

  • The limitations of social listening
  • How social listening is being used today
  • Transforming Data to Insights and Action
  • Making Insights Accessible and Easy to Use for Decision Making

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