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If you’ve been a Blazent customer—or someone who has followed us through the years—you know that we’re not given to hyperbole or excess. So when we say that IT professionals are facing their most difficult challenge in decades, we’re not exaggerating.


FORMING THE BRAINTRUST (1)The Growing Importance of IT

Here’s what we’re seeing (and hearing from our customer base): The good news:  IT is finally being recognized as the core business asset it has always been. The CEO, CFO and Board are paying attention to IT like never before, seeing it as a strategic business tool with significant bottom-line implications. The bad news:  at this critical juncture, IT is often flying blind, operating with an incomplete view of its existing infrastructure and little confidence in the data it holds.  The constant concern is that IT is forced to make critical business decisions without all the facts. Or worse:  with the wrong facts.


Our Experience in IT Infrastructure and Data

For the last 13 years, we’ve been helping the largest enterprises and IT service providers bring together disconnected silos of data and to provide the needed insights to maximize IT’s contribution to the business. We call it IT Intelligence.


But we, along with our CIO and IT customers, have recognized that the tools and systems that support IT have not kept pace with the complexity, volume and rapid growth in the space.  The available tools to manage IT continue to be in silos, and the volume, variety, and velocity of data within the silos is exploding, leaving IT with a massive gap in the actionable intelligence it needs to proactively manage it all. You only have to watch the evening news to see what happens to good companies when something goes wrong within their IT environment





Re-Inventing Blazent

That’s why, two years ago, the management team at Blazent made the critical decision to completely rework our platform and its underlying architecture and DNA. We will be sharing that technology, products and thinking with you over the coming months.

Today I’d like to start the process by discussing an exciting new announcement: the formation of ‘the office of the CTO’. To keep pace with the advances and challenges facing our customers—and to work with our talented development team in Michigan to develop solutions—we’ve created a new force within Blazent:  ‘The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)’.  Led by our Chief Product Architect, Michael Ludwig, the Office will include Mike Marson, VP of engineerMM EXTENDING HERITAGE TITLEing at Blazent; Data Science expert Nandu Nandakumar, PhD; and 35-year technology and business executive, Jack Porter. To learn more about this exciting development, please see our press release.

In the next few months we’re going to be making not only news but some pretty bold claims. I look forward to hearing what you think of the New Blazent.

I can be reached at goliver@blazent.com.



Gary Oliver | President & CEO