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Nerve Center

Your business runs on data – both internal and external

Your business runs on data – both internal and external. Blazent is the leader in Data Integrity, helping organizations drive downstream value by validating and transforming data into actionable intelligence. Blazent’s Nerve Center enables enterprises to make better business decisions based upon a unified view of complete and accurate data, significantly improving business outcomes.

Nerve Center analyses events in real-time using social listening and news monitoring to protect brands and evaluate market perception. Nerve center can be used to gain consumer, industry and product feedback from broad and targeted audiences, as well as to analyze competitive threats by tracking research and product launches. By using the risk and threat detection capabilities, Nerve Center analyzes brand, personal, and physical risk or threats in real-time.

Nerve Center can analyze millions of social media, news and third-party data sources in seconds. Its Data Augmentation and Data Mining capabilities filter by demographics, geography, topics and other keyword classifications before applying sentiment scores.

Powerful data visualizations are available through the Nerve Center Discover API. A full SDK allows enterprises to visualize insights and learnings on an interactive, user-friendly platform with access to custom dashboards and reports. Reports can be scheduled and push notifications to keep you up with important activity and trends. The Sonar feature provides a powerful a built-in data visualization tool for real-time monitoring.

Visualization and high-volume analysis are critical elements of enabling data integrity across both operational and information technology systems. Never Center leverages the broad capabilities Blazent brings to market to enable our customers to drive downstream value across their organization, while staying one step ahead of a rapidly expanding market.


Blazent is the leader in Data Quality Management Solutions. We provide the insight needed to improve decision making and business outcomes for IT Service Management, Operations, Security, and Internet-of-Things. Blazent enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers with complete and accurate information across the broadest range of data sources. Reach us at www.Blazent.com or sales@Blazent.com

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