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The Ongoing MSP Challenge

The challenges facing Managed Service Providers today are large and complex. In order to remain competitive, MSPs have to maximize profitability and offer value to their customers, who are demanding the most modern technology, lower operating costs, and the freedom, at any time, to move to another vendor or bring these services back in-house.

But, as any Service Provider will tell you, ‘Service’ begins with dependability. Today’s IT data which forms the foundation of any MSP’s service is fundamentally undependable. In fact, it’s estimated that, at any point in time, up to 40% of most enterprise’s data is missing, incomplete or inaccurate at the time the MSP inherits it.

That’s why MSPs the world over partner with Blazent. By turning that 40% uncertainty into 100% certainty, we enable MSPs to bring control, expense reduction and operational efficiency to their customer’s IT infrastructure.

Data Accuracy: the MSP Holy Grail

As any customer or MSP will attest, ‘Service’ begins with the knowledge of knowing what the customer has, where it resides, who’s paying for it, what it connects to, what’s changed recently, and how those changes impact profitability and operability. The vast majority of this data exists, but it’s spread throughout the enterprise, and no single product can connect and manage it in a meaningful manner.

This is Blazent’s core value-add. Our Data Quality Management Solution gathers, correlates, normalizes and contextualizes all enterprise and operational data across the broadest range of sources in the industry, cleans it and delivers the insights MSPs need to meet their client’s expectations, while increasing their own bottom line. For more on the Blazent solution, please view the video on this page.

Blazent’s platform and solutions bring measurable improvements in areas such as:

  • Continuous asset lifecycle and billing validation
  • Provider/customer transparency and governance
  • Operational risk reduction
  • SLA performance

Our dozen + years of partnering with MSPs begin with focusing on those historical issues that enterprises have had with their MSPs, such as:

  • No accurate baseline prior to outsourcing
  • Lack of transparency
  • Inability to measure and monitor performance
  • Changing customer requirements
  • Lack of understanding of goals

“Blazent remains a trusted source of IT data, and the ultimate source of truth for our organization and customers.”

Colin Bottomley
Global Account General Manager

“With more clients operating in multi-sourced environments, moving to Global Shared Services models and transitioning work to the cloud, our partnership with Blazent has never been more important or more valuable.”

Tina Roy
Partner with Information Services Group’s Managed Services Business

How Blazent delivers value to MSPs

With Blazent, MSPs have unique visibility into the environments they service. Over the years in every MSP engagement, Blazent has:

  • Added revenue to the bill 100% of the time
  • Found critical gaps in operational tools
  • Eliminated significant man hours reconciling data
  • Improved customer trust and provider transparency
  • Reduced clients’ security risks and penalties for non-compliance
  • Created a single source of truth

Blazent delivers value to MSPs

Blazent brings it all together into a single source of truth

Blazent provides a fully automated, complete, and highly accurate closed loop audit application built exclusively to monitor and manage MSP contracts. A cloud-based service which meets the most stringent data security standards in the industry, Blazent combines out-of-the-box standards and modules with a flexible customization engine to quickly adapt to customer demands. Furthermore, Blazent puts the power of analysis and action in the hands of the end user, giving them full control over audits, with the ability to create, edit, monitor, analyze, improve, export, and trend.

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Blazent is the leader in Data Quality Management Solutions. We provide the insight needed to improve decision making and business outcomes for IT Service Management, Operations, Security, and Internet-of-Things. Blazent enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers with complete and accurate information across the broadest range of data sources. Reach us at www.Blazent.com or sales@Blazent.com

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