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Blazent has been providing data quality management solutions to a broad range of industries for more than ten years. We have consistently driven gains in cost optimization and transparency for some of the largest and most sophisticated IT organizations globally. Working with hundreds of IT data sources, Blazent aggregates, automates, reconciles and normalizes to any Configuration Management Database, allowing businesses to make better decisions based on complete and accurate data.

Business, Operational. or IT decisions that are based on inaccurate, incomplete or improperly contextualized data are not taken with a high level of confidence and involve greater risk than decisions that are based on high quality data. With Blazent’s Data Quality Management solutions, our enterprise customers are able to deliver a higher quality service experiences, resulting in reduced cost and improved governance, risk and compliance.

Blazent simplifies both initial Configuration Management Database (CMDB) stand-ups, facilitates migrations to a new CMDB, and automates collection, reconciliation and normalization from legacy systems. We cover a broad range of use cases that positively impact CMDB, ITSM ITAM, ITOM, and Enterprise Data Management initiatives to improve service, incident, capacity, change, and problem management processes.

Some of the largest, most successful companies in the world have relied on Blazent for years to ensure 100% data accuracy to support both tactical and strategic decision making. Interested in learning more about how Blazent’s Data Quality Management solutions can have an immediate positive impact on your day-to-day? Please contact us here.


With Blazent, we are able to easily leverage our existing management systems and electronic data sources to improve quality and completeness in an automated way. Blazent validates the correctness of 100,000 ServiceNow values weekly.

Mike Porco

Application Development Manager at Pac Life.


Blazent is the leader in Data Quality Management Solutions. We provide the insight needed to improve decision making and business outcomes for IT Service Management, Operations, Security, and Internet-of-Things. Blazent enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers with complete and accurate information across the broadest range of data sources. Reach us at www.Blazent.com or sales@Blazent.com

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