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Implementing an effective data-driven IT Service Management function has become more achievable each day, despite an explosion of data sources. The convergence of maturing Configuration Management Database (CMDB) technologies coupled with the emergence of low-cost, big-data platforms has created the opportunity to finally handle masses data streams in parallel, along with the ability to perform near-real-time analysis.


Most organizations have no shortage of systems-of-record supporting different business and IT functions, ranging from Procurement to IT Operations. In the days when I worked as a Level 1 and Level 2 consultant in Oracle’s Support organization, we had to rely on our Management (Andy and Lee) to monitor inbound call volumes and incident queues to adjust headcount allocations in real-time, as well as providing timely advice to the newer employees between calls. Today, Service Desks are more agile, thanks to having customer and configuration information instantly available. Root-cause-analysis is far more efficient, as long as you have accurate and complete information to work from.


The latest Data Powered IT Service Management (ITSM) White Paper from Blazent, drills into the IT data quality problem. It opens with a discussion of ITSM implementation, before drilling down into the consequences of bad data quality. These consequences include:


  • Users thinking the new system is a failure.
  • Service outages.
  • Software license penalties.
  • Regulatory fines.
  • Security breaches.
  • Poor IT asset capacity utilization.


It’s not all bad news however, as the paper concludes with concrete steps that an organization can take to improve data quality and avoid many of the above negative consequences.  The bottom line is that just having data is not enough in itself. IT data quality underpins the entire effectiveness of digital value delivery. The risks of inaccurate data are severe. Investing in data quality, is an investment in operational effectiveness.


I would be very interested in hearing about your ITSM implementation and your related data quality management initiative.


You can download full white paper here