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Is inaccurate data hurting your time-to-value?

A typical enterprise manages 40 to 50 million records with a multitude of different data types. The challenge to IT is handling the growing volumes and variety of data while maintaining quality. Without a complete and accurate picture of the environment, gaps and inconsistencies in the data create delays which can result in missed opportunities.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) data encompasses people, process, and technology. The key is how to ensure that this data is of the highest quality possible. Whether you’re standing up your first CMDB or increasing data quality in your existing CMDB, Blazent can help. We are focused on delivering the most current, accurate and complete data in your CMDB so you can deliver value faster.

Data accuracy is very important because we’re trying to pull all of our processes using the CMDB. If the CMDB isn’t accurate, all of this work we’re putting into the other processes isn’t going to be worth our time.

Carolyn Hollingsworth,
Sr. Manager of Service Delivery
Lennox International

Blazent Data Intelligence at Work

According to a poll we conducted with our partners, 64% of enterprises with a CMDB want a more accurate CMDB. They know that an accurate CMDB is necessary for improved change impact, risk management and greater productivity of IT staff.

Using the Blazent platform, our customers populate and maintain their core CMDB data so that downstream users can trust and rely upon that data rather than create yet another data silo.

Blazent handles any existing data source

Everyone laments the existence of data silos, but it’s easy to see how and why they develop. It all starts with data quality. If individuals or departments don’t trust the quality and integrity of their data—especially around change management and incident management—they start to keep their own “set of books,” containing what they consider to be their own source of accurate data. These silos make it difficult, if not impossible, to accurately record and resolve incidents as they occur.

You can’t have service without quality data

Blazent validates your IT data—ALL of your data—by gathering and then ‘evolving’ it to the point that it is not only accurate but actionable. With the Blazent platform—employing our unique Data Evolution Process and powered by our Big Data Engine—you can reduce that the inaccuracy of your data, guaranteeing that your IT (and business) decisions are based on 100% accurate IT data.

Why Fix Your CMDB Data Quality?


Improved Service Availability


Enhanced Auditing and Governance


Continual Service Improvement


Superior Asset Management


Enhanced Security

The Data Evolution Process

We produce a singular record for each entity by combining the most accurate elements from all data sources with knowledge of that entity. Element population is driven by rules-based algorithms, which take into consideration the quality and reliability of incoming data source types, source currency, and weightings based on data element types and source occurrences. Blazent applies Master Data Management techniques to primary and secondary entity identifiers, allowing our algorithms to align entities across multiple data sources with disparate representations. A history of each entity, from each source, across time, including its mutations from the canonical flow, is maintained to form foundation for machine learning sets to fuel predictive analytics and prescriptive modeling. We then analyze all forms of incoming data for representations of relationships between entities. These relationships are then stored as entities themselves and are maintained as changes occur. We analyze each incoming data source and break it down to its most granular level for processing. We then take singular incoming fields around common items like Product Modles, Operating Systems, and Locations and break each field apart, enabling us to compare differing values across multiple data sources.

The Data Evolution Process

Blazent is the leader in Data Quality Management Solutions. We provide the insight needed to improve decision making and business outcomes for IT Service Management, Operations, Security, and Internet-of-Things. Blazent enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers with complete and accurate information across the broadest range of data sources. Reach us at www.Blazent.com or sales@Blazent.com

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