What our customers are saying:

"Trying to manage your whole IT environment with a multitude of data sources and trying to track that back to a CMDB or inventory of record is a nightmare. What Blazent does is correlate all those data sources into the solid and highly accurate data set that you've dreamed of all this time."

Director-Global Service Management, Leading Managed Services Provider

"If you have a CMDB and it's perfect, then you probably don't need Blazent. But how do you know it's perfect? Blazent is a great partner to help you confirm that you have accuracy in your IT data."

VP-IT Service Design, Fortune 500 Financial Services Provider

"Blazent enables organizations to realize superior business value from IT by providing an unparalleled level of transparency into IT services and operations."

Managing Partner, Leading IT Consulting Firm

"Blazent gave us the end-to-end view of our dynamic IT infrastructure that we simply didn't have with our existing systems. Blazent provides us with the trusted information we need to make strategic decisions."

CIO, Global Bank

"Blazent enables us to free up our associates to focus on future-oriented initiatives that drive competitive advantage versus keeping our IT environment under control."

SVP-IT & Operations, Large Financial Services Company

"It comes down to three questions we are always trying to answer about our CMDB: Is it complete? What's the coverage? What's the accuracy? Blazent helps us answer all three."

VP-Configuration Management, Large Financial Services Company

"Now that we have Blazent, we're able to accurately reconcile over 20 data sources to populate & maintain our CMDB. Users on the Service Desk now have complete confidence in our CMDB."

Sr. Director, Service Management

"Without Blazent, we would have never been able to stand up our ServiceNow CMDB. We don't know how any company can achieve CMDB accuracy without Blazent in place."

Director, Service Management

Data Quality is critical across the entire enterprise.

Our Data Quality Management Solution provides unprecedented visibility into the state of your IT and OT data, enabling you to drive downstream value across your entire organization.

The Blazent Solution

At Blazent, our core focus is ensuring the integrity and quality of IT and Operational data. Our Data Quality Management platform, driven by a powerful big data engine, is the only solution built from the ground up to provide complete, accurate, and auditable IT and operational data. We transform, align, and unify your data across the broadest range of sources in the industry, enabling you to move IT and OT strategies and recommendation from the back room to the board room, while driving downstream value across your entire organization.


Who We Are and What We’re All About

We provide Information and Operations technology professionals with the tools—and the certainty—to do a demanding job with confidence. Today’s technology environment has never been more important to an enterprise’s bottom line—or more complex, confused, and fast moving. The relentless rise of the Internet of Things is a sharp reminder of this. Our goal in driving the widespread adoption of ‘Data Quality’ is to deliver solutions that guarantee the data and insight technology professionals need to ensure their work is complete, accurate and auditable.

We directly address the critical issues confronting Information and Operational Technology

Inaccurate IT data can have a wide ranging impact on your business

Lack of cohesion/integration between IT and OT systems

Unable to keep up with speed, volume and complexity of Big Data

CMDB lacks currency and accuracy to support Service Management vision

Resolving inventory, operations, billing and governance issues that plague outsourcing relationships

Inability to synchronize Asset Operational Status and Configuration Item Lifecycle Values

Amalgamate and align data from disparate functional silos

Addressing and passing internal and external audits

Ensuring security infrastructure is current and airtight

Heightened risk due to lack of trusted, centralized visibility

Frequent manual harvesting and re-harvesting of IT and/or OT data

Abundance of incidents and outages

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