Now IT is YOUR problem (Part 2 of 2)

A salesman in doubt can not find the solution to the problem concept with curvy lined arrows and question marks drawn on urban wall
Dan Ortega, Vice President Marketing, Blazent Inc.   /  

One of the most interesting and successful aspects of ServiceNow and other IT service request management tools is the way they have moved into non-IT areas. As business becomes more complex and digital, the desire for process automation has expanded. Facilities, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal,...

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The Fundamental Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Objective: Mapping Business to Technology

configuration management database
Dan Ortega, Vice President Marketing, Blazent Inc.   /   , , ,

As the world of technology changes, many new technologies and techniques complicate the traditional IT Service Management vision. For example, the Agile/DevOps community embraces the concept of Infrastructure as Code. What is that? Wikipedia defines it as “the process of managing and provisioning computing infrastructure...

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IT and Air Traffic Control

Rich Allocco, Chief Customer Officer   /   , , , , ,

A number of our customers equate what they do (and what Blazent provides) to Air Traffic Control. You’ve got all these components—technology infrastructure), people, processes—moving at different levels and at different speeds. And it’s your job to not only keep everything coordinated, but to generate...

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When IT Is Like Jazz

Michael Ludwig: Chief Product Architecture and Member of the Office of the CTO   /   , , , ,

A year ago, Blazent CEO Gary Oliver brokered a meeting that brought four like-minded technologists together. That meeting erupted into a 10-hour white board session that has in essence never stopped and that culminated last week with the establishment of the Office of the CTO. ...

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