Data Source Consolidation

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Dan Ortega, Vice President Marketing, Blazent Inc.   /   ,

Four Core Data Source Consolidation Considerations    Every organization depends on a range of data sources to support different operational initiatives, and as we all know, these data sources are either additive, or continuously expanding, changing, merging, etc. The dynamics of managing and integrating data sources are...

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The Fundamental Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Objective: Mapping Business to Technology

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Dan Ortega, Vice President Marketing, Blazent Inc.   /   , , ,

As the world of technology changes, many new technologies and techniques complicate the traditional IT Service Management vision. For example, the Agile/DevOps community embraces the concept of Infrastructure as Code. What is that? Wikipedia defines it as “the process of managing and provisioning computing infrastructure...

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The Data Quality Skeptic

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Dan Ortega, Vice President Marketing, Blazent Inc.   /   , , , ,

As a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or IT Asset Management (ITAM) repository owner or sponsor, it’s only a matter of time until you meet The Data Quality Skeptic within your organization. The Data Quality Skeptic has the following characteristics: Does not believe that the repository can be...

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The Challenge of Maintaining Lifecycle Status

Challenge of Maintaining Lifecycle Status
Mike Little, VP of Customer Success & Services   /   , , ,

Here’s an unfortunate truth: today’s asset management solutions are unable to completely validate the lifecycle status of an asset, which puts the business at financial and operational risk. The Critical Nature of the Asset Lifecycle The lifecycle of an IT asset begins with sourcing that asset and...

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IT and Air Traffic Control

Rich Allocco, Chief Customer Officer   /   , , , , ,

A number of our customers equate what they do (and what Blazent provides) to Air Traffic Control. You’ve got all these components—technology infrastructure), people, processes—moving at different levels and at different speeds. And it’s your job to not only keep everything coordinated, but to generate...

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