The Value of the Blazent Platform for ServiceNow Customers

The Value of the Blazent Platform for ServiceNow Customers
Mark Thompson, Director of Product Management and Marketing   /   , , , ,

If you’ve already purchased the ServiceNow service management platform, congratulations: you’ve made an excellent choice. ServiceNow is an excellent platform that includes powerful workflow, intuitive applications and enterprise level scalability needed to meet the needs of today’s business environment. Now, how do you ensure that you...

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IT and Air Traffic Control

Rich Allocco, Chief Customer Officer   /   , , , , ,

A number of our customers equate what they do (and what Blazent provides) to Air Traffic Control. You’ve got all these components—technology infrastructure), people, processes—moving at different levels and at different speeds. And it’s your job to not only keep everything coordinated, but to generate...

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Rebalancing the ‘Data/Decision Equation’

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.29.56 PM
Gary Oliver - President & CEO   /   , , , ,

We’re living in a ‘Golden Age of Data’, with CIOs a critical part of the management team and ‘data’ being both more visible and valued than ever before. But as enterprise CEOs start learning the basics of their IT environment, they’re discovering that they’ve got...

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Why quality IT data is essential for a data-forward enterprise

Mike Marson, VP of Engineering and member of the Office of CTO   /   , , , , , ,

In the face of relentless corporate data breaches, many enterprise, vendor and technology players today are talking about a data-forward approach to their IT estate or IT environment.At the annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium last month, George Westerman, research scientist with the MIT Initiative of...

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When IT Is Like Jazz

Michael Ludwig: Chief Product Architecture and Member of the Office of the CTO   /   , , , ,

A year ago, Blazent CEO Gary Oliver brokered a meeting that brought four like-minded technologists together. That meeting erupted into a 10-hour white board session that has in essence never stopped and that culminated last week with the establishment of the Office of the CTO. ...

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Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure and Data: The New Blazent

Gary Oliver - President & CEO   /   , , , , ,

If you’ve been a Blazent customer—or someone who has followed us through the years—you know that we’re not given to hyperbole or excess. So when we say that IT professionals are facing their most difficult challenge in decades, we’re not exaggerating. The Growing Importance of ITHere’s...

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