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Your business runs on data—both operational and financial. Much of that data comes from your IT environment. The reality we all face is that the number of data sources and the volume and velocity of that data are increasing exponentially. The challenge is dealing with this deluge; Gartner estimates nearly 40% of enterprise data is inaccurate, missing, or improperly contextualized. Bad data used to make business decisions can have devastating effects; we see stories in the press about this every day. Don’t become another in a series of cautionary tales.


Blazent is taking this challenge head on, helping organizations drive downstream value by validating and transforming IT data into actionable intelligence. Blazent enables enterprises and Managed Service Providers to make better business decisions based upon a unified view of complete and accurate information.

Blazent’s Data Quality Management platform is built from the ground up to assess, verify, and validate the quality of hundreds of data types. Powered by a big data engine and a unique multi-source reconciliation capability, Blazent quickly aggregates data from the broadest range of sources in the industry, ensuring its quality and completeness to deliver a reliable source of truth for IT, and strategic enablement for business decisions.

Dean Johnson

” The use of Blazent tools within our shared services delivery environment has helped our asset management data and configuration management data become the source of truth within the key systems we rely on to meet the needs of our customers. “

Dean Johnson, COO, Georgia Technology Authority.
Mike Porco

” Blazent validates the correctness of 100,000 ServiceNow values weekly. “

Mike Porco, Application Development Manager at Pac Life.
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