For Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners’ customers and prospects are challenged by the exponential growth in the variety and velocity of data in their IT systems that must be consolidated for actionable use.


This data, when consolidated in a single system of record, becomes foundational information used to make business decisions. But when daily decisions are based on inaccurate, missing, inconsistent, or improperly contextualized data, a business may be derailed on any number of fronts, including wasteful investments in infrastructure, costly service outages, or crippling security breaches. Consolidated, reliable, quality data is mission-critical for informed decision-making.


IT technology vendors can address this challenge head-on by partnering with Blazent, the industry leader in Data Quality Management. Blazent ensures all data consolidated in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is accurate, complete, and properly contextualized. Consolidated, quality data leads to more accurate information, which leads to faster remediation of service outages, agile deployment of new business services, and tighter alignment between IT and lines of business.


The Blazent offering maximizes the value of IT information through the automation and reduction of resources required to maintain our technology partners CMDB. Blazent establishes completely integrated, contextualized intelligence across a broad range of Configuration Items covering hundreds of potential data sources including:

  • IT and System Network Management Platforms
  • Discovery Tools
  • CMDBs
  • Governance Platforms
  • Patch Systems
  • Supply Chain Platforms
  • Asset Management repositories
  • Flat Files

We enable our partners to become a strategic business enabler for their customers in order to accelerate time-to-value on asset tracking, service improvement, deployment projects, as well as multiple downstream services.

Technology Partner Solutions

SACM for ServiceNow gives your IT team the capabilities it needs to enhance asset and configuration management efforts. With the Blazent solution, enterprises can enhance operations, streamline change management, and maximize the return on their investments in ServiceNow.


Data Quality Management for ServiceNow provides your organization powerful automation and analytics capabilities needed to derive the most value from your ServiceNow CMDB. This advanced solution delivers the insights your team needs to improve service and operations management, operational efficiency, agility and service levels.


Data Quality Management for BMC Atrium CMDB uses our DQM platform to assess, verify, and validate the quality of hundreds of data types. Powered by a big data engine and a unique multi-source reconciliation capability, Blazent quickly aggregates data from various sources, ensuring quality and completeness in order to deliver a reliable source of truth for BMC IT Service Management environment.

” Blazent remains a trusted source of IT data, and the ultimate source of truth for our organization and customers.“

Colin Bottomley, Global Account General Manager, CSC

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