Would completely accurate data drive stronger outcomes?

Enterprises deal with challenges that would be nearly impossible to imagine as recently as 20 years ago. There are continual seismic shifts in sources of data entering the enterprise; hardware ranging from mainframes to mobile devices, software-defined data centers and billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that continually churn out telemetry data – all of which needs to be inventoried, tracked and managed.


Staying on top of all this change and complexity is challenging enough. Ensuring the information is correct is even harder.


Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) are great for storing vast amounts of IT data collected by discovery systems. The challenge is that a CMDB will take whatever comes in and store it. It doesn’t check to make sure the data is accurate, complete, and properly contextualized. Without this critical check, there’s a high likelihood you’re working off bad data, and decisions based on bad data can only lead to poor outcomes.


On the other side, what if you knew that the CMDB data you depend on for decision making was always accurate?


We can take CMDB data that is typically no more than 60% accurate (per Gartner) and move that number very close to 100%. Then keep it at that level as your business continues to change.


Blazent’s core focus is delivering dependable data, regardless of quantity or how fast it comes in. Some of the most innovative companies in the world rely on Blazent to drive Data Quality Management (DQM) throughout their organization, lowering costs and increasing service levels. This foundation of high-quality data has profoundly changed the way their business operates.


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