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Maintaining Data Transparency for Government Agencies Across Multiple IT Service Providers

Michael Nicholas   /  

Managing multi-supplier technology environments is challenging, even for private companies with sophisticated IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and large IT functions. For government agencies facing intense cost pressures combined with a direct mandate for transparency and accountability, the complexities of reconciling data across suppliers and...

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How the BYO Everything Trend Affects IT Operational Data

Byod concept with human hand holding briefcase with electronic gadgets vector illustration
Michael Nicholas   /  

The bring-your-own device (BYOD) trend has been prevelant since approximately 2008, and what many initially thought was a passing fad has now become a mainstay of the business environment. The consumerization of IT began with employees bringing their personal smart phones and PDAs into the...

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Embracing Change in Government – The Modern Citizen Experience

Government IT
Dan Ortega, Vice President Marketing, Blazent Inc.   /   ,

Only a few short years ago, the experience of citizens interacting with government agencies involved taking time off work, waiting in long queues and completing paper forms – an experience that was both frustrating for citizens and inefficient for the government and its agencies. Thankfully,...

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