Build Your Enterprise On A Solid Data Foundation

The choice is yours: Build your enterprise on a rock-solid data foundation. Or watch it collapse.

The Blazent platform takes ALL IT DATA and turns it into true intelligent data. The result: better decisions based on smarter data.


Blazent’s solutions are built on patented technologies that can automate your data verification process and guarantee your IT data is current, accurate and correct.

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Managed Services

For IT organizations to maintain high-levels of productivity they need Accurate IT Data to support decision-making and continuous improvement efforts.

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White Paper: How Blazent Delivers Transformative Value Through Actionable Intelligence


It’s no longer news that business performance and IT performance are more closely linked than ever before. This is not only changing how businesses and organizations are evolving in terms of effectiveness, outreach, and business model; it’s also impacting IT organizations as they struggle to play a more proactive and strategic role in supporting and even redefining business needs.


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How We're Different (And Better)

Blazent delivers 100% data accuracy. We take ALL your IT data and, using our patented 5-step Data Evolution process, transform it in to intelligent data that can be used with confidence in any IT or business decision. According to Gartner, at any moment in time, up to 40% of an enterprise’s data is inaccurate, missing, or incomplete. 40%.

We reduce enterprise data inaccuracy from 40% to ZERO.

We're the only comprehensive platform for IT data analytics.

We can handle EVERY data source, starting with your CMDB.

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